Workshops & Classes

Weekend Workshops

A Day of: 1 Day Workshop – 9am-6pm

(Meditation & Card Reading, Find your Truth)

  • Different types of meditation & Breath Work
  • Card Reading to see & Feel your truth
  • Spiritual Insight
  • To bring balance in your life
  • Getting in touch with your heart
  • Learning techniques to be stress free
  • Staying in your center of peace, love & Compassion

Price 150.00
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1 Day Workshop 9am-6pm Saturday

  • Learning about chakras    -
  • How to balance chakras
  • Chakra toning
  • Symptom of being out of balance
  • Where chakras are in balance
  • Colors of chakras –what colors mean.
  • Temp of chakras
  • Visualization meditation.
Price 150.00
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2 Day Work Shop Class Time Sat & Sun 9am-6pm

Chakras – (Bodies Energy Center)
Precious Stone Healing 27 Stone Lay-out
Hematite Healing Layout
Workshop Includes:
  • Information on chakras
  • Precious stones 27 stones set
  • Hematite stones set
  • Techniques for layouts
  • Hands on healings
  • Guided meditation
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Slippers
Price – 300.00
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Through my connection with infinite Wisdom all becomes possible.


All that exist flows from the source of Divine Wisdom. Wisdom emerges in the heart that has opened itself. We transform attachments and doubts into the certainty that we have and know all we need when we tune in to the soul. It is possible to have knowledge and no wisdom. Wisdom is a pure quality that comes from the spirit, inspiring loving attitudes and creating abundance moment by moment.