Spiritual Card Readings

 Spiritual Card Reading

·         Searching for our spiritual roots that are the basis for Enlightenment
·         Cards can advance your spiritual insight and create a balanced life
·         Cards of reflection, Partnership, Integration, Alignment, Rejuvenation, Nourishment, Present challenges, Spiritual opportunity.
A list of Readings:
·         Angelic messenger cards
·         Healing ruins
·         Higher power cards
·         Soul cards
·         Reiki cards
·         Medicine cards –animals
·         The angel of …
·         Way of the horse
·         Life purpose oracle cards
·         Dream oracle cards – for the awakening dreamer
·         My spiritual reading cards
My strength is a precious gift from y soul in which i am always safe.
a great strength emerges in our lives when we recognize that security and happiness are soul qualities. Our Strength lies in allowing those qualities to flow through us bringing the ability to go ahead with deep inner security.