Quartz Sing Bowl Healing

Quartz Singing Bowls

The vibration healing tools known as the quartz singing bowls are a by-product of the computer industry. The quartz crystal bowls are created by a high-temperature fusion procedure which forms solid bowls from pure, powered by silica sand. Perfect Quartz crucibles are the prime growing environment for computer microchips. Each bowl is examined for size and thickness, and if not exactly to the specifications of Silicon Valley, it is rejected. Previous to the beginning of the metaphysical vibrational healing movement, the rejected bowls were broken and discarded. Gradually, as metaphysical healers became aware of the vibrational qualities of the bowls, they began to buy the “seconds” as tools for vibrational healing. Each bowl resonates to a certain tone which matches the tones of the chakras.

It is recognized that each chakra center of the body is associated with an endocrine gland, and has a specific tone and color. Roughly, these are as follows:

Root Chakra (base)                      Red                                      “C” note

Navel                                            Orange                                 “D” note

Solar Plexus                                  Yellow                                   “E” note

Heart                                             Green                                   “F” note

Throat                                            Blue                                     “G” note

Brow (third eye)                             Violet                                    “A” note

Crown                                            Amethyst                              “B” note


What is more important than the specific pitch and tone of each bowl, however, is that each of them, no matter the size or pitch, seems to open, balance, and tone all the chakra centers of the body.

A blockage in a chakra will appear as pain or discomfort when sound and vibration are applied to it. If dealt with gently using vibration, the chakra will open and stabilize itself, aligning with the other chakra centers, forming a clear channel of communication.

The bowls are played using a rubber-tipped wood dowel. Tap the outside top of the bowl and rub continuously, just below the outside rim. The vibratory rate will continue to build as you play, and will vibrate even after you stop. The field of vibration healing is just beginning to explore the effects of sound and tone on the human physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. The quartz crystal singing bowls are one of the greatest tools available to us today in this exciting new healing modality.

Each moment is an opportunity to reveal a miracle.
Grace is a wonderful quality of the spirit. When it is manifested in our lives. It brings the energy that uplifts our vibrations and clears the inner barriers, To be in a state of grace is to put into practice the certainty that if we knock the door will be opened, and if we ask it will be given unto us.