About Sandy


About Me; Sandy

Always knowing I had a gift… It was time to follow my dream, Laying on of hands to people, pets our earth and all those in need; Connecting with people in distance – yes alive or our loved ones who have passed.

When I turned 9 years old I was touch and healed by a very gifted healer, this very spiritual but mystical person worked on me for at least 2 hours. She healed the injuries in my back. The doctors said I would never walk again. When the healing was complete she said “You have been healed and given a gift, take this gift and use it daily) at nine years old I was not sure what that meant. But I know something magical had just happened. When she touched me I felt a surge of energy so through my whole body, my back was on fire and my hands where so hot. It was scary but exciting, all at the same time. I was finally able to get up, and walk out of her home. I went to the doctor and the new MRI showed no sign of any injuries. This was just 3 days after I broke my back T4-5. Little did I know the gift would be my life as a healer.

Intuitive… I feel, I see, I hear, I sense everything so deeply through my Body-Mind-Spirit-Soul. When I touch a person, I feel through there soul with love, compassion and healing. When I talk to a person I feel there words, pain, happiness, extra.  I am intuitive on all levels. I love my Gift; I love my life time work. I thank my healer daily for my gift and my life; for I am blessed.

At Sandy’s Bodyworks, I promise to give you all that I am; I am a gift for you. I have been in the healing arts since 1996, and am a lifetime student in healing.


Sandra’s Journey from Abuse to Inspirational Transformation


-History on my Education-


1996   -     Ann arbor Institute of Massage Therapy

-          Specializing in deep tissue

-          Neuromuscular therapy

-          Myofascial therapy

-          Trigger point therapy

-          Massage cupping, Reflexology extra


1998       -              Reiki - Usui Shiki Ryoho

                             1st & 2nd Degree


2000       -              3rd Degree Master Level


2001       -              Meditation Teacher Training


                             Amanda Expanding light Retreat – California

2009       -              Yoga Teacher Training

                             Costa Rica – Teacher Marrianne Welds

                                       (Life time Student & Teacher in healing)


2010       -              Optimal Health Institute

              -              Nutritional Cleansing


2011       -              Hypnotherapy Training – Teacher

                             Clinical Hypnotherapist; Randal Churchill

                             Regression Specialist; Corte Madera California

                             Master Hypnotherapist

                             Delphi University; Maysville GA

                             Advanced Channeling

                             Color & Sound Healing

                             Spiritual Healer

                             Meta physician Practitioner

                             Crystal Healing





You and I are One.

When we are compassionate, we are able to understand others from deep within ourselves. This attitude brigs a light that reveals truth and the love that transforms and heals. To be compassionate is to be equal, one with another as with oneself.