Hypnotherapy & Group Hypnotherapy

It is somewhat altered state of consciousness and altered awareness, although the conscious mind is present. We might compare it to a teeter-totter. In the waking state the conscious mind is at the high end of the teeter-totter and the subconscious mind at the lower end. Under hypnosis they reverse and the subconscious part at the low end, but it is still present. Thoughts rise from the inner mind into consciousness.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind with special identifying characteristics:

·         An extra ordinary quality of relaxation


·         An emotionalized desire to satisfy the suggested behavior; the person feels like doing what the hyphenation suggest, provided that what is suggested does not generate conflict with his belief system.


·         The organism becomes self-regulating and produces normalization of the central nervous system.


·         Heightened and selective sensitivity to stimuli perceived by the five senses of 4 basic perceptions.


·         Immediate softening of psychic refocuses.

Different types of Hypnotherapy offered:
·         Regression Therapy
·         Cord cutting Process
·         Envisioning the Future
·         Trans formation through Goal Setting
·         Self-Hypnosis
·         Emotional Balancing
·         Trauma
·         Pain Relief
·         Self Esteem
·         Group Hypnotherapy
·         Dream work
·         Health
·         Inner Sanctuary
·         Smoking cessation – Habit/Addiction
·         Child birth – Pain
·         Preparation for Dentistry and Surgery
·         Memory
·         Children Hypnotherapy
·         Eating control and Weight Reduction
·         Anxiety
Hypnotherapy can be used for so much more. Call for more info.
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Group Hypnotherapy –


Noninvasive experience; it is away to experience hypnotherapy, a class to come and receive in a relaxed setting. I take you into a visualization relaxation a deepened state of serenity, peace & Deep relaxation; Opening up the subconscious mind for receiving.
Come in comfortable clothing, you’ll be reclined in a zero gravity lounger with blankets. - 1 Session runs 90 min.
I trust my inner balance and i allow changes to happen
When the personality and soul work together, there is a balance flow of energies through our bodies, feelings, and thoughts. Through this feeling of inner balance we free ourselves from limitations and allow changes to happen.